Why is Compression Important after Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a surgical modification that helps improve a person’s appearance. It aims to correct or improve aesthetic imperfections caused by aging, sun exposure, accidents, or trauma. Plastic surgeons take due care to deliver the desired result while minimizing the risk of scarring and other side effects. Compression is important after all types of surgery, be it liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or breast lift procedures. This is because it helps in the healing process by accelerating recovery.

Compression is achieved through the use of compression garments. They are mostly thick, or Spanx stockings that are available for sale in ordinary drugstores. While these are present, the other kind of compression garments approved to help after cosmetic surgery is specifically provided by the surgeon. These are specially modified to be high-tech thereby facilitating faster healing hence faster results. The surgeon’s approved compression garments are generally made from very strong synthetic fibers such as lycra, or nylon. They have a three-dimensional stretch which provides sufficient support and redirects the subcutaneous fluid that causes swelling to be reabsorbed back into the body. Being of high quality with approval from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, these garments contain anti-microbial, a breathable fabric that improves comfort and prevents skin irritation.

Compression garments come in different shapes, sizes, and styles to perfectly fit any part of the body. For body procedures, the appropriate compression garments are those that extend from beneath the breasts and nicely fit at the bottom having openings that allow one to use the bathroom freely without any need of taking it completely off. For breast augmentation, patients are advised to always have on a surgical compression bra that resembles a high-impact sports bra without the underwire. For a neck liposuction procedure, the patients are provided with a compression strap that wraps the neck from around the back of the head all the way below the chin forming a sling.

Reasons why Compression is Important Post-Surgery.

From the above content, we have seen that compression is as much important because it helps fasten the recovery process. Here are some reasons that explain how this is done.

1. It Holds the Surgical Area in Place

One thing we are aware of is that the area operated on needs to be relaxed, and away from any unnecessary pressure. Wearing compression garments helps achieve this because it holds the place firm and tightly in place. For example in the case of a breast augmentation procedure, compression garments help hold the implants in place, therefore, reduces the chance of complications arising.

2. It helps Reduce Swelling

Post-surgery, the likelihood of fluids accumulating at the operated area is high. This is because the body naturally produces fluids due to the imbalance brought about by the surgery. These fluids can accumulate and get trapped in the body tissues causing swelling, and discomfort, thereby dragging the healing process. In severe cases, the swelling might go on for several weeks. Compression garments apply even pressure across the area operated on preventing fluid from accumulating within the tissues. It does this by aiding the body to reabsorb these fluids.

3. It helps Reduce Bruising

Bruising is an expected outcome from any plastic surgery depending on the extent of which the surgery was performed. These bruises occur because of trauma to the blood vessels. When blood vessels rupture, blood leaks into the surrounding tissues then discolors the skin above the site of injury forming bruises. When you put on a compression garment, it distributes equal pressure around the area which is able to curb bleeding, preventing blood from flowing to the skin’s surface, which in turn reduces the chance of bruises appearing.

4. It can Improve Scarring

Most plastic surgeries are performed with incisions specifically located in areas that are not very visible. The surgeon aims to hide these scars as much as possible. The extent to which scars form depends on several factors such as the patient’s genetics, and the surgical technique used. If you are worried about the scars you would have post-surgery, always put on a compression garment, especially during the first few weeks. The pressure they exert greatly helps to soften, flatten, and gradually to reduce the appearance of scars.

5. It helps to Shape your Final Results

A plastic surgery is meant to help improve the body contours, though the results are clearly seen after healing. Putting on a compression garment helps the body adapt to its new shape by reducing the chances of the skin developing wrinkles due to being loose. This would therefore result in a tighter, smoother, and more attractive appearance.

6. It Helps Improve Posture

Compression garments provide tightness and firmness on the area under treatment. After surgery, when you put it on as you heal, your body will naturally adapt to the posture it gives you. This in turn will facilitate easy movement when you attain full recovery.

7. It Helps Reduce Pain

Pain is expected post-surgery, especially at the beginning. At some point, it may become severe causing the need to take pain relievers or over-the-counter medicines. Wearing a compression garment provides continuous pressure on the tissues thereby helping the body absorb any fluid that accumulates causing pain.


After surgery, the surgeon will explain the duration with which you would have to put on the compression garments. It should always be clean to prevent causing infections to the wounds. Most importantly, a compression garment should not be too tight to the extent that it causes discomfort, nor too loose to the extent that it becomes functionless. It should feel noticeably snug and should be well taken care of.