Covid19 – Coronavirus Baton Rouge Update

Louisiana Coronavirus Baton Rouge Louisiana

A Message From Dr. Theunissen

Theunissen Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Baton Rouge is doing their part in keeping our patients and community safe. During this Baton Rouge Coronavirus/ Covid-19 situation, we are limiting our office hours from 9am-2pm, but we can still be reached after hours via our answering service. We want you to encourage everyone to follow their guidelines recommended by the President Trump, the CDC, and Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards to:

  1. STAY home as much as possible
  2. KEEP at a safe distance of at least 6 feet
  3. WASH hands often, especially after being in public areas
  4. COVER your cough

In order to help with the #1 recommendation – STAY HOME – we are taking all precautions and offering virtual consultations using HIPAA complaint, safe software. As we push through this difficult time we are still here to help answer all of your questions and concerns. Contact us here to schedule your virtual consultation or to ask us any questions you may have.

For Our Existing Patients:

  • We are still here for you to help you on your recovery journey
  • We can still be contacted through email, our website, and phone
  • We are also offering virtual post-op appointments where we can do a virtual visit, see how everything is healing, and answer any questions/concerns they might have without having to come to the office
  • We have a full time answering service who can connect them to our nurse or Dr. Theunissen
  • We are limiting out office hours from 9am-2pm but can be reached after hours via answering service. 

For Patients Scheduled for Cosmetic Surgery:

  • We are not allowed to perform procedures that are not medically necessary at this time. 
  • We are doing our best to accommodate everyone as far as rescheduling cosmetic procedures
  • All cosmetic, delayed reconstruction, revision reconstruction, second stage reconstruction, or anything that is not life threatening is to be postponed to after 4/30/2020

For New Patients wanting to Schedule a Procedure:

  • We will be more than happy to accommodate you, answer all your questions and concerns, as well as schedule your virtual consultation with Dr. Theunissen
  • We are limiting out office hours from 9am-2pm
  • To get to your procedure as fast as possible, when the ban is lifted we will be extending our normal hours. We will also be operating on Saturdays!

Skin Care Patients:

  • We are offering curbside pick up for skincare products during operating hours (9-2) which patients can confirm by calling.
  • We also have the link on our website in our menu “ZO skincare”. Here you may purchase anything under that link via our online store. 

Covid19/Coronavirus Symptoms

We love our patients and want you to be safe. If you are in Baton Rouge Louisiana, experiencing unusual symptoms and are concerned that you may have contracted coronavirus or covid19, for your own safety and the safety of those around you, we would recommend visiting your primary care doctor or hospital. Common coronavirus/covid19 symptoms are listed as:

  2. FEVER
  4. DIFFICULTY BREATHING (severe cases)

We will try to keep Louisiana updated with any information pertaining to Coronavirus and our practice during these trying times. Please stay home and stay safe – not only for yourself but for the Baton Rouge community around. Let’s get through this as fast as possible!