Do’s and Don’ts for Optimal Breast Augmentation Results

Breast enlargement is the go-to procedure for anyone who is looking for a sexy and feminine breast appearance. This cosmetic surgery has very high success rates. According to, more than 96% of women who received breast enhancement surgery said that they were satisfied with the outcome of the procedure. Choosing the right plastic surgeon has a huge impact on the results you get following this cosmetic procedure, but you also need to know what to do and what to avoid after the surgery to ensure the best breast augmentation results.

Do’s after breast augmentation

Dr. Theunissen and other plastic surgeons recommend that you do the following in order to ensure the best breast augmentation results.

1. Get enough rest

Just had a ‘boob job’ cosmetic procedure? You just got a free pass to binge on Netflix and Halo Top. Your surgeon will explicitly ask that you get as much rest as your body works to recover from the procedure. If you can’t find any more fascinating Netflix movies to watch, read your favorite magazine, motivational books, or whatever else pleases you. Just make sure that you are taking it easy and spending most of your time on your comfortable bed or recovery chair.

2. Sleep in the right position

Sleeping in the right position is an important DO following your breast enhancement plastic surgery in Baton Rouge. It is recommended that you sleep in the fetal position, on your back, elevated by pillows or in a recliner. This position is not only comfortable but will also make sure that your breasts and other treatment areas are in the optimal position for recovery during sleep.

3. Massage your breasts

Breast massage is an important DO that many women miss out on following their breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Theunissen usually recommends that you do this after about a week at several intervals throughout the day. Massage is important because it helps your breast implants to settle faster while also keeping them soft. This early massage will also expand the implant pockets to make sure that the augmented breasts move like a natural breast.

4. Take pain medication

You will experience mild to moderate discomfort, swelling, and bruising following your breast enhancement plastic surgery. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to help alleviate this discomfort. You may also be provided with antibiotics that help prevent infections while you recover from breast augmentation. Make sure to take these medications as instructed by your surgeon.

5. Eat healthy & drink plenty of water

Your body will need all the right nutrients for optimal recovery after breast augmentation. That is why it is very important that you maintain a healthy diet. Make sure to include citrus fruits, veggies and oatmeal, seafood, sweet potatoes, almonds, and other surgery recovery foods in your diet. While you are at it, also make sure to drink plenty of water and healthy beverages. Staying hydrated helps strengthen your already weakened immune system and prevent infections. Water also acts as a catalyst to recovery and helps your body get rid of toxins resulting from anesthesia.

6. Attend post-operative appointments

Your plastic surgeon will schedule follow up appointments that he uses to help monitor your recovery process. Many patients tend to ignore these visits as long as they are feeling well enough. Keep in mind that only your surgeon is equipped to evaluated your progress and give you a clean bill of health. So, make sure to follow through with every office appointment even after full recovery.

7. Watch out for bad signs

While your surgeon’s office will provide all the support you need throughout the recovery process, there is only so much they can do. You have the responsibility to look out after yourself and alert the surgeon should you notice anything that seems concerning. Some bad signs to keep an eye out for include fever (this could be a sign of infection), extreme pain, or bleeding. Call your surgeon immediately if you notice any of these undesirable side effects.

8. Look after your emotions

It is not uncommon for women to feel overly anxious as they wait for the results of their breast augmentation to develop. Plastic surgeons recommend that you remain patient and give time for the procedure to do its magic. Keep in mind also that negative feelings such as worry and stress can have a negative impact on the outcome of your procedure. If you are feeling overly emotional, you may need to talk to someone so that you can feel better and relax as you recover from breast enhancement procedure.

Don’ts after breast augmentation

Just as it is important to do certain things for an optimal breast augmentation recovery, you also need to avoid certain things that can ruin the outcome of your procedure.

1. Sleep on your belly

It is very important that you maintain the right position while you are resting or sleeping after breast enhancement plastic surgery. You will be asked not to sleep on your stomach because this can put undue stress on your newly placed breast implants and negatively impact recovery.

2. Take alcohol

Studies show that high alcohol consumption can intensify the endocrine stress response to surgery, worsening existing conditions and reducing blood coagulation that can in turn increase the risk of bleeding while also slowing down wound healing. Alcohol also reduces your body’s resistance to bacteria and other harmful elements, and can thus increase the risk of infection. Most plastic surgeons require that you avoid drinking a few weeks before and after your breast augmentation.

3. Smoke

Your plastic surgeon will make it clear that you need to stop smoking a couple of weeks before and after the breast augmentation procedure. When your smoke, your heart and lungs do not work as optimally as they should. Research also shows that tobacco smokers are at an increased risk of suffering from post-surgical complications, including delayed or impaired wound healing, and infections. Nicotine and carbon dioxide molecules contained in cigarettes decrease oxygen levels, making it hard for the proper amount of air and nutrients to get to the recovering tissues. Smoking also distorts your immune system and increases the risk of wound infection.

4. Use a sunbed

You need to be very careful about using sunbeds following your breast augmentation plastic surgery. If your surgical scarring is still exposed, sunbed tanning can increase the risk of hyperpigmentation. This essentially means that the layer of skin under your breasts may darken or change color along the incision lines. Only use a sunbed after you have got a green light from your plastic surgeon.

5. Bath

During breast augmentation recovery, you have a lot of pass time in your hands and may feel tempted to slip into a relaxing bubble bath. But this is a strict don’t do during the first 10 days after the surgery. You should – however – be able to shower and get in the pool after 2-3 weeks following your procedure. Make sure not to strain yourself though. You may ask your partner to help around because you do not want to use your entire body weight just yet.

6. Wear a normal bra

Following your breast enhancement procedure, you may feel eager to get to your normal routine. Some women may feel like they want to wear their normal bra and see how their new breasts and cleavage looks like. Keep in mind that you should only do this after full recovery. Before then, you need to keep the compression garment provided by your plastic surgeon in order to ensure the best results after breast augmentation.

7. Engage in strenuous exercises

Any form of heavy lifting or strenuous exercises are a strict don’t do following your breast enhancement plastic surgery. This includes any activities that may cause your breasts to excessively move, such as cardio classes, running, or yoga. Your surgeon will allow you to resume these activities after confirming that you are fully recovered from your breast enhancement procedure. This is usually after about six weeks in recovery.


It is okay to be very eager about your breast augmentation results. Still, you should make sure that you are taking care of yourself and doing the right things so that the surgeon’s work can manifest into a beautiful outcome. It takes about a week after the surgery for your body to start adjusting to the newly placed implants. However, it may take up to three months before you can fully realize the results of your breast enhancement. This is how much time it takes for your implants to settle into a natural position as the adjacent tissue expands. Should you have any questions at any point during your breast augmentation recovery, Dr. Theunissen’s office will be available to provide the answers you need.