How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Baton Rouge

How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Plastic surgery has become immensely popular over the last 20 years. Long gone are the days when cosmetic procedures used to be a preserve for Hollywood celebrities and famous people. Advances in the field have made procedures more effective and much more affordable, allowing the average person to achieve the aesthetic improvements they desire. Finding the seasoned, skilled, best plastic surgeon in Baton Rouge LA is one of the most important steps towards a pleasant procedure outcome. Follow the tips below to identify a Baton Rouge cosmetic surgeon that you can trust.

Start with an internet search

If you do not already know any plastic surgeon to start with, you can always start with a simple internet search. Enter phrases such as ‘best plastic surgeon in Baton Rouge’ and ‘top-rated plastic surgeons near me’. This should at least give you a list to start with. Once this is done, you will then want to use a criterion of qualifications to identify the right specialist for the cosmetic procedure that you need to be performed.

Ask for board certification

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is an independent, nonprofit establishment that promotes safe, efficacious, and ethical plastic surgery practices. This is accomplished by maintaining the highest standards of education and certification of plastic surgery specialists. It is important that you only work with Baton Rouge plastic surgeons who have board certification with the ABPS. While not a certifying organization, membership with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) can also be a positive indicator. The ASPS is a well-respected body that maintains rigorous training and patient safety standards for plastic surgeons to qualify for membership.

Assess for experience and results

A qualified Louisiana plastic surgeon should have adequate experience in the field. They should have undergone the requisite training in their area of specialty and performed numerous successful procedures to cement their skills and tradecraft. You can obtain valuable information on a surgeon’s experience level from the about us section on their website, as well as profile listings on online directories. Checking before and after photos on the surgeon’s website is another great way to get an impression of a plastic surgeon’s experience level.

Check ratings by prior patients

Ratings from other patients are a good indicator of a surgeon’s experience level and service experience. Check on the surgeon’s website, as well as third-party review platforms such as Yelp, to see what past patients are saying about the surgeon’s experience. Do they seem to be impressed by the experience that they received? Are they happy with the outcome of their plastic surgery? A credible plastic surgeon will maintain consistent and recent high ratings and positive reviews from their patients.

Attend a consultation visit

Once you have a shortlist of a few Baton Rouge plastic surgeons that you are happy to work with, the next step is to schedule a consultation visit. Most plastic surgeons offer the first consultation visit free of charge. This gives you an impression to meet the surgeon face to face and ask important questions about their style and approach. Don’t hesitate to ask for patient testimonials, case studies, additional before-and-after pictures, and any other information that you feel will help you make a better-informed choice. You’ll also want to learn whether the surgeon is able to create a treatment plan that is customized for your precise needs.

Do you have a rapport?

Much like your family doctor or personal trainer, it may take a few tries before you meet a plastic surgeon you have a rapport with. Most patients will naturally feel confident when they have the procedure completed by a professional who inspires trust. Are you able to communicate with ease with the surgeon? Do their surgical staff seem to be professional and focused on a decent patient experience? Working with a Baton Rouge plastic surgeon you have a rapport with is an important step so you can calm down and relax for the surgery.

Look for honesty

As it goes, honesty is the best policy. The right plastic surgeon will tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear. They will give you straightforward guidance on the procedure you want to have, as well as the results you should expect from the treatment. It is not uncommon for top surgeons to deny procedures if they feel that you may not be the right fit for a specific cosmetic procedure.


Once you have identified a seasoned, skilled plastic surgeon to perform cosmetic surgery, you are halfway towards a successful procedure outcome. It is also important to notice that some minor procedures may also be performed by a dermatologist (instead of a plastic surgeon).