How to Prepare for Liposuction

How to Prepare for Liposuction Surgery

Are you planning to have a liposuction surgery? Despite the fact that can be considered one of the safest and most effective cosmetic procedures, taking preparatory steps can dramatically improve the outcome. This page shows how to maximize liposuction results through proper preparation.

Few Weeks Before Liposuction

1. Discuss your treatment plan

Before anything else, you need to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Many reputable surgeons will contribute the consultation fee towards the liposuction cost. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the expectations of the procedure, liposuction recovery tips, and its suitability for you. Your surgeon will collect the pertinent information to determine whether you are a good candidate for liposuction. In some cases, noninvasive treatment alternatives may be recommended. The surgeon will inspect trouble areas and come up with a sound plan to remove the excess fat and give you the shape you desire. This visit is a starting point for other preparation steps as you work to get ready for the D-day.

2. Avoid omitting important details

During your initial consultation meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon, you’ll be asked many questions regarding your medical history, prior surgical experiences, current health status, and expectations for the procedure. It’s very important that you truthfully and thoroughly answer all these questions. Keep in mind that your surgeon will rely on this information to make important procedural decisions and any omissions can have dangerous consequences. Without your COMPLETE medical history, the surgeon (however skilled they are) will not be able to prepare against known risk factors. This can compromise the safety of the procedure as well as the expected outcome. As it goes, honesty is the best policy.

3. Get the facts right

There are many misconceptions about liposuction. Some patients tend to think that it’s a great tool for losing weight. Others think that after this procedure, fat cells will never return. Going into surgery with this kind of misinformation is tantamount to setting yourself up for disappointment. Knowing what the procedure entails is an important part of the pre-liposuction mindset. Furthermore, knowing what to expect can make things easier for you during the recovery process. Patients will need some time off work and planning ahead can help make the post-op period smooth and stress-free. Make sure that you use your initial consultation with the liposuction surgeon to ask any questions that you may have about the procedure.

4. Avoid harmful medication

Your surgeon will provide instructions that you should adhere to about two weeks before you have the surgery. You’ll need to stay away from certain medications, supplements, and even vitamins that can increase your risk of complications such as high blood pressure, excessive bleeding, poor healing, and many others. The surgeon will tell you to ditch aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal supplements, Vitamin E, and even some birth control options because they may be unsafe for the procedure. Given that it’s your health and safety on the line, it’s always important to be very careful and strictly adhere to these instructions.

5. Avoid smoking

Planning to receive a liposuction in order to get rid of fat in certain trouble areas of your body? Well, time to do away with the smoke. Plastic surgeons know that smoking before surgery can increase your risks of bleeding, delayed healing, and other serious complications. It can also reduce blood flow through the circulatory system, restricting the body’s own ability to heal. Most doctors recommend that you quit the smoke at least one month before you undergo any surgical procedure.

6. Avoid losing weight

It’s a bad idea to try and lose weight right in the weeks before you receive liposuction treatment. Keep in mind that shedding off weight before the surgery can have a negative impact on the outcome. This is more so true if you lose significant weight. You should also stay away from elimination diets, crash diets, or any other extreme weight loss attempts. These can weaken your body, increase your risk of post-surgery weight gain, and complicate the outcome of the procedure.

7. Make payment arrangements

Because liposuction is considered to be a cosmetic surgical procedure, medical insurance typically does not pay for it. Some insurers may cover the procedure if it is deemed to provide some therapeutic benefit. Talk to your surgeon to get a breakdown of the costs so you can make elaborate arrangements for the payment. Typically, patients pay between $2,500 and $3,500 for a single liposuction session. However, this may vary greatly based on the size of the treatment area, the treatment approach to be used, and many other factors.

A day before liposuction

There are certain things you should do or not do a day or two before you receive a liposuction treatment.

  • Avoid shaving – avoid shaving the area where you intend to have the surgical treatment for at least 48 hours. Keep in mind that shaving during this time could cause ingrown hairs, as well as a potential infection after the surgery.
  • Keep away tight clothing – get a set of loose, comfortable clothing that you should wear on the day of the surgery. This is important to make sure you are comfortable during your trip back home after the procedure.
  • Find a helper – planning to drive yourself to the surgeon’s office? Nay. You’ll need someone – maybe a friend or family member – to help out immediately after surgery. Since most patients are released from the surgeon’s care on the same day as the procedure, it’s important to find a helper who’ll accompany you for treatment. Your surgeon will not even allow you to take a taxi or use public transportation to find your way back home. So make plans in advance.
  • Fill your prescription – after surgery, you’ll want to get straight home and rest. It’s important that you fill your prescriptions before the procedure so you have nothing to worry about on the treatment day.

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