7 Qualities Your Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon Must Have

7 Qualities Your Plastic Surgeon Must Have

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is one of the most important considerations cosmetic surgery patients have to make. Given that there are thousands of qualified plastic surgeons in the country and possibly dozens in your town or city, this is no walk in the park. The idea is to identify a Baton Rouge plastic surgeon who has critical qualities and the right skills and experience to deliver a successful procedure outcome. Below are some of the qualities to look for in your search for the right plastic surgeon in town.

1. Board certification

Board certification is a must-have when it comes to plastic surgeons and any other surgeon for that matter. Plastic surgeons in the US are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Surgeons who are ABPS-certified have been through a rigorous certification process that ensures they have the requisite training and skills to perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries on the face and entire body. Before you even look for other qualities, the first step is to look for is board certification.

2. Experience

Adequate experience is a requisite quality that any qualified plastic surgeon should have. Seasoned plastic surgeons have performed numerous procedures over the years and as a result have refined their skills. They will also be in a better position to assess your needs and requirements and let you know whether you are the right fit for a specific cosmetic procedure. You can learn more about a surgeon’s experience level by checking on their website as well as asking questions during your initial consultation visit to their clinic.

3. An impressive portfolio

The top plastic surgeons in Louisiana are always proud to showcase their work. This is usually done via before-and-after photos shown on their website or demonstrated during your initial consultation visit. Some surgeons even use 3D modeling or video clips to give you an impression of the kind of results you can expect from your selected plastic surgery.

4. Proper training

Education and training are the foundation of any plastic surgeon’s success. Top-ranked surgeons usually possess a doctorate in medicine (M.D.) and have also completed a plastic surgery residency. Make sure to check the surgeon’s credentials on their website as well as on industry directories where their profiles are listed. In addition to having proper education and training, top surgeons also make a point to explore the latest advances in their area of specialty. They regularly update their surgical equipment and perfect the latest surgical techniques.

5. Empathy

Nobody wants to go in for a life-changing surgery while feeling as if their surgeon does not care for them or the results of the procedure. You want to feel that the surgeon you choose cares about your goals and safety and will go out of their way to make sure that everything goes according to plan. You can tell whether your plastic surgeon has empathy during your initial consultation visit. Check to see if they are a good listener, whether you feel that they understand your motivations for having the procedure, and what your general gut feeling is telling you. There needs to be ease of communication and rapport between the patient and the surgeon in order to create the necessary trust.

6. Safety focused

Safety is an important consideration when it comes to plastic surgery – and any other surgery for that matter. You definitely want to make sure that you work with a surgeon who doesn’t just care about results, but your safety as well. One way to ensure this is to confirm that the surgeon operates in an accredited surgical facility. They should have top-notch, well-trained, and professional support staff to assist with the procedure. A clean office and surgery room are also important in order to ensure a safe and positive surgery.

7. Great customer service

Even if your plastic surgeon is the best in Baton Rouge, you do not want to deal with unhelpful, grumpy staff during your plastic surgery experience. You will need to have a lot of questions answered before your procedure. The recovery duration is even more important. Patients need to check in with the plastic surgeon’s office every now and then to confirm post-op care instructions or get clarification on side effects. Your first phone call to the plastic surgeon’s office, along with the initial consultation visit, should give you an indication of the kind of customer service you should experience. Checking out reviews from past patients is another great way to gauge the level of customer service you can expect.


Plastic surgery safety and outcomes have improved drastically over the last few decades. However, complications and dissatisfactory results are still possible – and happen from time to time. The key for patients is to work with a top Baton Rouge LA plastic surgeon in order to ensure a successful outcome.