Pre-op breast augmentation checklist

Breast augmentation is the most popular of all cosmetic surgery procedures. In 2018, 313,000 received this treatment in the United States alone. During breast augmentation, plastic surgeons typically use implants to improve the shape, size, or fullness of breasts. If you are planning to have this cosmetic surgery, taking preparatory steps is important in order to minimize the risk of complications and ensure the best possible outcome. In this article, we share crucial tips on how to get ready for this procedure.

Preparing for breast augmentation

Once you make the final decision to move on with your breast augmentation procedure, you will be required to take the following preparation steps:

  • Undergo blood and medical tests – you will be required to take a battery of medical tests and share the results with your surgeon well before the day of the surgery. These tests – which may include blood screenings, mammograms, and stress tests – are important to determine your health condition and let your surgeon know whether your body can handle the surgery.
  • Quit smoking and drinking – plastic surgeons require that patients quit smoking before breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures because smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood and thus interferes with healing. Smokers are also at a higher risk of developing complications after surgery. Make sure to stop smoking at least 3 weeks before your breast augmentation, and throughout recovery.
  • Ditch certain prescriptions and supplements – during one of your consultation visits, you will need to let the surgeon know about any medications that you are taking. This includes blood pressure medication, diabetes drugs, as well as herbal supplements and alternative remedies. Any type of medication that contains blood thinners (such as Aspirin, Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve, diet pills, and antihistamines) can impair the ability of blood to clot and thus should be avoided as well.
  • Avoid common sicknesses – your body needs to be in great shape in order to recover well after the procedure. In the weeks before your breast augmentation, make sure to constantly wash your hands with soap and water so you do not catch a cold or flu.
  • Prep your recovery space – it is important to think about recovery well before you undergo the procedure. Breast augmentation is considered to be an outpatient procedure and you will be released to go home on the same day as the surgery. To avoid any inconveniences, arrange to have one of the rooms in your home dedicated to rest and recovery. Get in a comfortable mattress, pillows, novels, your favorite shows, and everything else that will help you get comfortable and pass time during recovery. It is also crucial that you have a friend, family member or trusted colleague drive you home after surgery and help you with chores for a day or two.
  • Fill up your prescriptions – another preparation step for your breast augmentation in Baton Rouge LA is to fill your post-operative prescriptions. These will depend on your surgeon and may include pain medication and antibiotics.
  • Avoid shaving your armpits at least a week before the surgery – since shaving can lead to nicks in your skin through which bacteria enter and cause an infection, it is important that you desist from doing so within a week of the surgery date.

Breast augmentation survival kit

To make sure that everything goes smoothly after the surgery, your breast augmentation pre-op supplies list should include the following:

  • Healthy foods – stock up with a lot of healthy foods, including cereals, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
  • Wet wipes – you will need wet wipes and make-up removal pads to freshen up during the first days in recovery (when you aren’t allowed to shower).
  • Ice packs – you will need ice packs after breast augmentation. These are important for icing the treatment area within the first 48 – 72 hours after surgery.
  • Comfy clothing – get oversized shirts that open at the front, comfortable sweat pants, pajama bottoms, robes, slippers, thick socks, and other clothing items that you will be wearing during recovery.
  • Digital thermometer – you will need to monitor your temperature following a breast augmentation to rule out an infection – which usually manifests as high fever.
  • Journal – a journal (or at least a laptop) is a must-have so you can document your thoughts and feelings during the recovery process.
  • Heating pad – a heating pad (or at least a hot water bottle) can help reduce back pain resulting from sleeping in a raised position for so long.

Night before your procedure

On the night before your breast augmentation surgery, make sure to:

  • Ensure your home is recovery friendly – confirm that you have all the necessary supplies for recovery and that your home is ready for recovery.
  • Avoid eating after midnight – avoid eating after midnight so that your body can be ready for the procedure the next day.
  • Get enough sleep – get as much rest as possible so your body can rejuvenate and get ready for the procedure.

Day of breast augmentation surgery

On the day of your breast augmentation, make sure to do the following:

  • Take a shower – make sure to shower and wash your hair properly since this will become very difficult after surgery.
  • Avoid skincare products – avoid wearing makeup, deodorant, perfume, lotion, hair spray, and other beauty products. Nail polish should be removed and jewelry should be avoided as well.
  • Wear loose clothing – wear a shirt that has zippers or buttons ups at the front so you can easily put it on after surgery.
  • Drive to the hospital – make sure that your vehicle has gas and drive for the procedure. You should have a friend or family member arrive at the hospital to drive you home after the surgery.