How to Prepare for your Plastic Surgery Consultation

After identifying your ideal plastic surgeon, from the board of certified plastic surgeons, the next step towards having a cosmetic procedure would be to attend a consultation visit. A consultation is of great importance since it helps educate, and prepare you adequately, and effectively for your upcoming surgery. It gives you a clear view of all the steps involved during the surgery, different options to choose from, and generally, a healthy one-on-one talk with a skilled and experienced medical practitioner. To be fully prepared for your plastic surgery consultation, here are a few tips to guide you.

1. Conduct Personal Research

Going into a consultation with the knowledge of your plastic surgery will determine its effectiveness and clarity. This would assist you to identify the basic details such as what to expect after surgery, what to do before surgery, the steps involved during surgery, and how to handle any arising matter after surgery.

2. Put on Comfortable-Loose Clothing

When going to a plastic surgery consultation, you won’t need to dress to impress. This is because, at some point, your surgeon would request you to remove some of your clothes, especially those covering the area you want to be treated. Putting on comfortable loose clothing would do the trick since they are easy to remove and put back on.

3. Have your Own Set of Questions to Ask the Surgeon

Most surgeons take patients who go with their set of questions more seriously as it means that they are ready and serious about the surgery. It is a smart way to keep one informed about the slightest details there are. Examples of questions one could ask include: The number of surgeries he has performed, his experience so far, his opinion about the best procedure he thinks would work for you, the cost of surgery, and many more. Ask him all your questions as you seek more clarity, and as you build trust amongst yourselves.

4. Take your Medical Records with you

Medical records constitute the history of certain illnesses and conditions that you have suffered from or are suffering from, and the list of medications that you have taken, or have been taking. They are of significant importance to the surgeon because they help him understand the best way to help you attain your desired results. Keep in mind that this is a serious surgery that involves complex steps hence requires plain honesty for it to be successful. Also, be aware that there are certain conditions and medications that would put you at serious risk if you undergo this surgery ignorantly.

5. Create Time

Time as a factor determines the progress of most things. When booking your time for consultation, it is fit to do so on the day that you have fewer or no commitments. This would leave more room for deeper understanding, and proper organization regarding your plastic surgery. Certainly, you would not want a consultation that ends up causing more confusion and misunderstandings because of a rush that could have been avoided after careful planning.

6. Be Optimistic

An optimistic person is one who focuses on the positive side of any given situation. He/she faces the good and bad things that life may offer hoping that all will go well. When you have such an attitude, from the moment you decide you want to undergo plastic surgery, down to the consultation period, up to the very end, you are most likely to attain wonderful results.

7. Have a Close Friend Accompany you

As they say, two is better than one. A close friend is a person with whom you share everything. She/he knows your darkest secrets, the things that make you happy, your heart’s desires, your sad moments, and the dreams you inhabit. Having her close by would be a great source of encouragement, strength, support, and above all love.


As much as a consultation involves deeper inquiry into your plastic surgery procedure, it is also meant to help you build rapport with your surgeon. This will see to it that you have a friend more than a medic who will always be reliable in your time of need.