The Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Pros and Cons

Cosmetic surgery is classified under plastic surgery. It is a medical discipline that uniquely focuses on enhancing a person’s appearance through the use of surgical and medical techniques. There are numerous cosmetic treatments that include liposuction cosmetic surgery, breast lift, and augmentation cosmetic surgery, facelift cosmetic surgery, and rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery. Today, most people are in the pursuit to look much younger, sexier, and attractive just like the top icons we see published every day in magazines. They feel unworthy because they either have an unbalanced face, an uneven nose, fewer curves, lack a pretty jawline, or lack the buzz that socialites have on their social media platforms. As a result, they opt to undergo cosmetic surgery, some undergo several cosmetic surgeries, to be able to attain this desired look.

While in the pursuit of correcting our insecurities, we forget that we are the best version of ourselves. We forget that some of those photos are either photo-shopped or airbrushed. We end up becoming so determined to change our natural physical appearance not caring about the consequences that follow later. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand helps those individuals who survived fatal accidents and were left with serious haunting scars, or those born with abnormalities they did not wish to have. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery.

Pros of Plastic Surgery

1. It is a way to cover your flaws

It is true that nobody is perfect since we all have flaws that make us feel insecure. While some choose to live with their flaws and imperfections, others choose to find solutions to them. Cosmetic surgery is one of the ways to cover your imperfections. It leaves you feeling good about yourself, and loving your new look.

2. Raises your self-confidence

Before having cosmetic surgery, you would feel insignificant and less brave to stand out in a crowd since you were hiding your flaws. After undergoing cosmetic surgery, you achieve your desired look which makes you become more courageous and confident to face any kind of trial, regardless of the situation.

3. It makes you look younger

Another great advantage of cosmetic surgery is that it makes you look much younger. In most cases, you find that after reaching a certain age, wrinkles start appearing, the skin appears drier, the body muscles become loose making the skin sag, especially around the eyes, and you may start to develop benign growths such as keratoses. These may make such individuals unhappy with their appearance, and decide to undergo cosmetic surgery to look younger.

4. It can help individuals left with scars from fatal accidents

A fatal accident leaves a person deformed in a manner that cannot completely heal and return to its initial state. An example is a face that was completely burnt, a nose that was completely deformed, or a skull that was seriously destroyed to the point that no more hair can grow on it. Such scars can be very tormenting because they cannot be easily hidden. Undergoing cosmetic surgery can help get rid of such scars and restore the body as it was before the accident.

5. It may increase your quality of life

Cosmetic surgery increases your overall quality of life by making you look more attractive, and desirable. Because looks matter as proven by our current society, and if everything goes well, your new look will open several doors of opportunities, such as in terms of job opportunities, which will put you at a greater advantage compared to the rest.

6. In some cases, it may have a positive impact

Aside from cosmetic surgery helping to correct our flaws and insecurities, as most people see it, it may also help medical-wise. An example is when a person has cosmetic surgery done to improve defections of the eyesight, breathing, or hearing.

7. May help find a life partner

Beauty is bold and attractive. It is easily noticeable, especially by the opposite gender. If you look better after cosmetic surgery, you have a greater opportunity of finding a partner. Likewise, if you feel unhappy about your looks which makes it harder to find a partner, cosmetic surgery could do the trick.

8. Can help reduce obesity

Obesity is the condition of being overweight. Most people find themselves gaining weight even after exercising and eating healthy. Through cosmetic surgery, it can help eliminate the stubborn excess fat restoring your body to its normal condition.

Cons of Plastic Surgery

1. It can be very costly

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most expensive surgeries to undergo. It costs up to tens of dollars just for one. This can cause serious damage especially if it makes you go into debt.

2. Maybe very painful

Cosmetic surgery can be quite painful, especially if it involves the majority of your body parts. While some may argue that the pain is lessened by the anesthesia injection injected before surgery, the likelihood of suffering from the consequences is greater. You might even develop serious complications which will cause more pain.

3. The results may be temporary

Cosmetic surgery involves both permanent and temporary results. If you happen to undergo one whose results are temporary, you may be required to continuously return for more procedures that will ensure you retain your looks. For some, this may be very annoying, unbearable, and very costly.

4. The outcome may be worse

Unfortunately, some people after undergoing cosmetic surgery come out with worse results than they expected. This may be due to the complications, or errors incurred during surgery. In severe cases, one may have to suffer the consequences for a longer period of time.

5. Facing Criticism

Society is quicker to judge than to listen since a larger percentage focuses only on the negative side. Most people can testify that after having cosmetic surgery done on them, they either lost a few friends or became the talk of the town. Regardless of whether the outcome is good or bad, the likelihood of being criticized is equal.

6. High risk of infections

Cosmetic surgeries have a high risk of infections, especially if the area’s hygiene is poor. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses may be able to affect the wounds causing serious complications that may have lifetime consequences.

7. High Risk of scars

Some cosmetic surgeries may leave an individual with serious scars, tarnishing their look. It is therefore very necessary to be well informed of the scarring that accompanies your scheduled cosmetic surgery.

8. You may take longer to heal

Recovery from cosmetic surgery is determined by several factors. These include your blood combination, skin’s elasticity, the BMI rate, as well as the quality of surgery performed by the surgeon. When your wounds and incisions take a longer period to heal, it would mean more time staying indoors, away from any hazardous factor, a lot of costs while attending your appointments to monitor your recovery progress, and general retardment in your workplace, and house chores because you still won’t be able to get any work done.

9. Addiction to Plastic Surgery

After undergoing the first cosmetic surgery and obtaining positive results, you may be tempted to have another cosmetic surgery to correct another imperfection. This habit may keep going on for as long as you find imperfections in yourself. You, therefore, end up becoming an addict to plastic surgery. This may in turn result in spending a lot of resources that could have been channeled to do something more productive. At some point, you may achieve undesirable results suffering the consequences.


As much as cosmetic surgeries help us attain our desired looks, it poses great danger, and serious consequences as time passes by. To be on the safer side, It is very wise to understand every small detail involved with the type of cosmetic surgery you desire to undergo to help you become more aware of every little detail and how to handle them.