Prepping for a ‘Boob Job’: Supplies needed before and after breast augmentation surgery

Prepping for a ‘Boob Job’: Supplies needed before and after breast augmentation surgery

Are you preparing for breast augmentation surgery? Spending some time to think about the whole procedure and get what you need in advance can help alleviate the anxiety. Many women who undergo breast augmentation cosmetic surgery find that everything goes much smoother when they are pre-plan for the duration before and after the procedure. This article highlights things to buy before breast augmentation, and what to do to make sure that everything is seamless during the recovery stage.

What To Do Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

It’s okay if you are feeling nervous before breast augmentation. In fact, most patients do. Doing something constructive to get ready for the procedure often helps relieve the sometimes overbearing anxiety.

  1. Prepare your space – it’s a great idea to clean out your apartment or home in the week preceding the surgery. You want to have a peaceful and clean space when you’re recovering from augmentation. Don’t wait until the last few days to clean up – you might have more important things to do then. Make sure that the bedding is great, drawers are organized, the laundry is done so there will be nothing for you to worry about during recovery.
  2. Stock up – this is another important thing to do before breast augmentation surgery. Stock up with all foodstuffs (including fruits and vegetables) that you’ll need. You’re going to go easy on your tummy during recovery. Focus on getting food items that will actually help with the recovery.
  3. Organize your space – keep your necessities in one place so it’ll be easier to find them when needed. Set up comfortable areas in your living room where you can rest through the first few weeks after surgery.
  4. Put together a handy wardrobe – keep in mind that you’ll have to say goodbye to your favorite outfits in the first few weeks after surgery. Get some loose-fitting tops and comfortable t-shirts ready to go in your wardrobe. You’ll find that button-down shirts are easier to remove since you’ll have restrained use of your arms, and breathable fabric is a must anytime you are out there in the sun.
  5. Child and pet care – if you have a little child or pet in your home, you might want to plan for their care before breast augmentation surgery. The last thing you’ll be able to do when recovering is wrangle with your toddler or wrestle with your pet. Find someone – maybe your husband, a close friend or family member – to help out.
  6. Stop taking supplements – your surgeon will recommend that you stop taking certain medication, supplements and drugs such as tobacco or alcohol at least two weeks before your augmentation breast procedure. Make sure that you follow these instructions to the letter to make sure that everything goes on smooth.

Things To Buy Before Breast Augmentation

You may need to purchase certain things before breast augmentation:

  1. Required prescription medications or supplements – ask your plastic surgeon about what prescription medication and/or supplements you may need after your surgery. Before the procedure is the time to get every supply you need for your peace of mind during recovery.
  2. Digital thermometer – you’ll need to watch your temperature after breast augmentation surgery. Fever during the first few days after the procedure might be a sign of infection. Talk to your surgeon about any other signs to watch out for and get the requisite accessories (if any).
  3. Books or magazines – do you have that blockbuster novel that you’ve been keeping off your to-do list simply because you didn’t have enough time? This is the time to get it. You’ll have a lot of time just resting during recovery and reading a great book or watching your favorite TV show can make things less boring.

Things To Remove The Day Before Breast Augmentation

On the day before the augmentation breast surgery, make sure that you remove any nail polish, contact lenses, jewelry, or dentures that you may have. If there’s anything else that you need to get rid of to reduce risks, your surgeon will let you known during the pre-op consultation.

Foods To Avoid Before Breast Augmentation

While preparing for breast augmentation recovery, your plastic surgeon will likely tell you to avoid food items that might contain salicylates (natural blood thinners). These might include apples, almonds, apricots, cherries, blackberries, currants, garlic, cucumbers, raspberries, grapes, ginger, tomatoes, strawberries, pickles and wine. This list might be a little different based on whether you have any pre-existing health conditions, so make sure to talk to your board-certified breast augmentation plastic surgeon about it.

Supplies Needed After Breast Augmentation

  1. Ice packs – you’ll likely need ice packs to help with swelling, pain or discomfort in the first few days following breast augmentation surgery. Make sure that you have several ice packs of varying sizes ready in your freezer.
  2. Post-surgery bras – following the augmentation cosmetic surgery, your surgeon will recommend that you avoid under-wire bra for a few weeks. What bra you use after surgery depends on whether you have help putting it on. If you don’t have help, consider loose, front fastening bras. Many women tend to find that seamless sports bras work very well.
  3. Drinking straws – this might seem like an obvious supply, but it is very important for the post-surgery recovery phase. You’ll be lying on at a low angle within the first few days after augmentation. A straw makes it easier for you to drink fluids without straining yourself. If you can get them, bendy straws are much better.
  4. Cleansing wipes – these are one of the most important supplies needed after breast augmentation surgery. You’ll be unable to shower during the first few days after surgery until the stitches are removed. Get some cleaning wipes that you can use to conveniently freshen up till you are ready to shower.

Are you feeling a little anxious as you prepare for your breast augmentation procedure? That’s quite normal. As long as you’ve selected an experienced plastic surgeon, and are actively learning and preparing for the procedure, then everything should turn out fine.