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En Bloc Breast Implant Removal
in Baton Rouge And New Orleans, LA

En bloc capsulectomy is a procedure of choice for women who are looking to get rid of their breast implants for any reason and very often due to breast implant sickness. Breast augmentation (boob job) is the most popular of the plastic surgeries, and although the majority of women are very happy with the results of the procedure, a small proportion resolve to get rid of their implants over time due to complications, sickness, or personal preferences. Baton Rouge breast surgeon Dr. Taylor Theunissen offers total en bloc capsulectomy to women who are looking to have their implants permanently removed along with the entire capsule that has formed around the implant. This procedure can help alleviate discomfort, physical symptoms or concerns associated with the implant, as well as give women the feeling of natural softness to their breasts again.

What is En Bloc Implant Removal

This is a surgical procedure that focuses on removing the breast implant together with the capsule (surrounding scar tissue). The surgeon will remove both the implant and the entire capsule at the same time, allowing your breast tissue and muscle to settle back to their initial position for a natural aesthetic result. En Bloc breast implant removal is increasingly popular with women who are suffering from breast implant illness/sickness and want to permanently remove their implants.

Following breast implant capsule removal surgery, there may be issues with sagging because the skin was previously stretched as it accommodated the implant. The patient can either choose to get new implants, receive a breast lift that is focused on removing excess skin and repositioning the nipple-areola complex to create a bouncier appearance, or do nothing at all. Dr. Taylor Theunissen also offers fat grafting as an option, when the patient is the right candidate, so that women who undergo this procedure can replace the volume in their breasts with a natural outcome.

Types of Capsulectomy

  • Total Capsulectomy – this breast treatment is designed to fix capsular contracture (tightening of scar tissue around the implant). This treatment removal all of the capsule/scar tissue surrounding the implant.
  • Partial Capsulectomy – this breast treatment is designed as well to fix capsular contracture but only removes a part of the scar tissue.
  • En Bloc or Total En Bloc – this is derived from a French term that means ‘as a whole’. It refers to the removal of silicone or textured implants together with the capsule as a single unit. The breast surgeon will cut around the capsule (with the implant enclosed) and get rid of it without causing any contamination or harm to the body. This surgery ensures that silicone stays inside the capsule throughout the removal process, preventing bacteria and chemicals from leaking and causing various health problems.

ALCL Textured Implant Recall

On July 24th 2019, breast implant manufacturer Allergan Inc. announced a worldwide recall for its Biocell breast implants. This was after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration established information showing that the company’s textured model accounted for an unusually large proportion of rare lymphoma cases. This development followed similar action taken in Canada, France, and Australia. Allergan’s Biocell implants featured a textured surface that helped minimize scar tissue as well as prevent slippage. This recall affects just about 5 percent of implants available on the U.S. market as the majority of breast implants tend to have a smooth surface. Plastic surgeons and other healthcare providers will no longer use textured implants and associated expanders. Even though the risk of developing ALCL is still very rare, many women who have these kinds of implants as part of their breast augmentation surgery are resorting to en bloc capsulectomy as a way to permanently remove them and mitigate the cancer risk or any other associated implant risk.

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If you’re looking for the best implant removal Baton Rouge has to offer, Dr. Taylor Theunissen is a top breast surgeon who has helped countless women with en bloc capsulectomy surgery. Visit Dr. Theunissen for an initial consultation and evaluation to establish your suitability for this treatment.

Plan Your Breast Implant Removal
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A Breast lift costs around $6,300 to $9,500, depending on the patient’s health and the extensiveness of the procedure. Also, adding implants will increase the price of the procedure. Insurance does not typically cover the cost of breast lift procedures as it is usually considered a cosmetic procedure. The procedure takes about 2.5 – 3.5 hours to complete, and the average recovery time is 1-2 weeks. Dr. Theunissen performs Breast Lift surgery as an outpatient procedure in his state-of-the-art, in-office O.R. with the support of experienced nurses and a full-time Anesthesiologist to keep his patients in optimal care.

Average Cost

$6,300 – $9,500

Procedure Time

2.5 – 3.5 Hours

Procedure Location

In-Office Operating Room

Recovery Time

1 – 2 Weeks

Recovery Location



Insurance Does Not Cover Breast Lift

Breast Implant Removal FAQ


Most women who are of good health standing and intend to have their implants removed are good candidates for this treatment. There are various reasons why patients may desire to have their implants changed, including but not limited to dissatisfaction with current breast appearance, asymmetry, complications with the scar tissue, or worry about implant associated risk. During your initial consultation with Dr. Taylor Theunissen, the surgeon will conduct a thorough evaluation and let you know whether you’re an ideal candidate for this surgery.


If you feel that your implants have caused certain medical issues, then the implants will be sent back to their manufacturer, and a claim filed. If the patient does not wish to follow this course, then the implants will be treated as biohazard waste.


A Baton Rouge En Bloc implant removal can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and well as enhance the natural softness and feel of your breasts. With the recent new information regarding textured implants, this surgery is a great way for you to alleviate concerns related to ALCL or other associated implant risk.


With Dr. Theunissen’s immense experience, en bloc capsulectomy is a safe procedure. The surgeon focuses on removing the capsule together with the implant without causing any further harm to your body.


Any major surgery tends to leave a scar. However, these tend to fade over time. Make sure you adhere to Dr. Theunissen’s post-op scar care treatments for the best possible outcome.


Any major surgery tends to leave a scar. However, these tend to fade over time. Make sure you adhere to Dr. Theunissen’s post-op scar care treatments for the best possible outcome.


Make sure you stop smoking a few weeks before your en bloc capsulectomy Baton Rouge treatment. If you’re taking any medication or supplements, make sure you discuss them with your surgeon before the surgery to assure if they are safe to continue taking. It’s also important to arrange for someone to drive you home and help out with small chores on the day of the surgery.