10 Easy Recovery Tips After Breast Augmentation Procedure

The recovery period for breast augmentation surgery differs from one person to another. This is because every human being is unique in their own way, from the way they endure the pain, the way their bodies adapt changes, and the way they naturally heal. Still, there are certain things every breast enlargement patient should do to ensure a fast and effective recovery following this treatment

1. Follow your Surgeon’s Instructions

Your plastic surgeon will provide basic after-care instructions that should help keep on the right track. Following these instructions will go a long way in determining how well you recover from your breast augmentation. Keep in mind that the surgeon has worked with numerous patients and knows first-hand what works best after breast augmentation treatment. 

2. Wear Recovery/Surgical Bras

Recovery bras are uniquely designed to enhance post-operation comfort. They also provide implant stability, apply mild compression to the treatment area, and increased circulation to make sure that there is proper lymph drainage. Surgical bras exist in different fabrics and styles. This provides a broader opportunity for patients to choose and buy the ones that suit them the best. It is important to check that each bra has all the right features before purchasing. You want to go for a seamless design, adjustable straps, a pressure-free fit, and breathable fabric. 

3. Get Enough Sleep and Rest

Sleep is essential for all living things. It keeps us healthy, helps our brain replenish, re-energizes our muscles, rebuilds worn-out tissues, and generally helps us function properly. When you get enough sleep, you increase your chances for a smooth, and faster recovery. 

4. Take your Medication

After surgery, a patient experiences a lot of pain which is normal. This occurs especially during the first week after surgery. Pain reliever medication are normally prescribed along with antibiotics to prevent an infection. It is important to make sure that you are taking all the medication that have been prescribed by your plastic surgeon throughout the recovery period. 

5. Prep your Home Before Surgery

Preparing your home before surgery reduces the amount of work you would have to do later. As you know, the first week after surgery would be hectic and very uncomfortable for you. You want to leave everything in order including your clothes, food, general house chores, and a caregiver in case you have kids. If you don’t have kids or pets, ask a friend or a loved one to assist around the house while you recover.

6. Eat Light and Nutritious Foods

After surgery, you are likely to experience adverse effects such as pain, sensations of heaviness, weakness, exhaustion, nausea, loss of appetite, among others. You’ll want to keep your meals light and balanced especially throughout the first two weeks. Make sure to include all the right portions in your diet, including proteins, vitamins, and fiber-rich foods to supply your body with the nutrients it needs for a faster recovery. 

7. Avoid Strenuous Physical Activities 

When you engage in any physical movements such as running, jumping, jogging, and many more, you will be interfering with your recovery process. Allow your breasts to heal and adapt to the new changes before reverting to your usual exercising regimen. You plastic surgeon should let you know when it is safe to go back to the gym or resume challenging workouts. 

8. Adjust Your Sleeping Position

To avoid damage to your breasts before you fully heal, ensure that you prop yourself up with pillow, and sleep on your back. This greatly helps to ease the effort required to get in and out of bed. It also allows the treatment areas to relax and heal faster. It is absolutely important that you DO NOT sleep on your side or stomach over the first 6 weeks following breast enlargement surgery. 

9. Put on Loose Clothes

You should avoid any tight clothes that are hard to put on or off following your breast augmentation procedure. Plastic surgeons recommend loose-fitting clothes that fit easily and allow free circulation of air. Examples include oversize button-front shirts and dresses. 

10. Attend all Postoperative Appointments

Postoperative appointments help the doctors to keep track of your healing progress. They also help the surgeon to identify complications or challenges before they graduate into a major problem. Make a point to attend all post-operative appointments as scheduled. 


Everything wants to get the best possible results following breast enlargement surgery. But keep in mind it is what you do that will determine the kind of outcome you’ll have. These recovery tips are an excellent place to start.