Brief Guide for Breast Augmentation Recovery

Did you just have a breast augmentation done by Taylor Theunissen, MD. Or are you preparing for the procedure in the near future? Recovery time after this cosmetic surgery vary from one person to the other. Each woman is different in terms of their body’s recovery mechanism and tolerance to pain and other side effects of the procedure. That fact notwithstanding, you can speed up the recovery time/process by strictly adhering to the doctor’s instructions, and taking medication as prescribed.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Calendar

Below is the general recovery timeline for breast augmentation procedure:

  • Few days after surgery – about 2-3 days following the breast augmentation procedure, many women experience moderate pain. Your cosmetic surgeon will prescribe painkillers that are helpful in managing this pain. It is also common to experience some degree of bruising or swelling of the breasts. Use of surgical bras or compression bandages helps minimize discomfort as well as protect the wound during the first few days after surgery.
  • A week after surgery – about a week after surgery, many patients are able to engage in light activity. You still will not be able to engage in lifting, bending, and any strenuous movements. A post-op appointment to inspect the incision sites is also usually scheduled after a week.
  • 2 weeks after surgery – about a fortnight after the breast augmentation procedure, you’ll be able to start feeling normal again. You’ll be able to conduct light daily activities without experiencing pain or discomfort. However, you still are in no position to engage in vigorous exercise.
  • 4 weeks after surgery – at this level, many women feel well enough to engage in regular exercise. Your cosmetic surgeon will provide guidelines with regards to what exercise activities to engage in, and what to avoid.
  • 6 weeks after surgery – recovery is usually complete at the end of the 6th week, meaning you can get back to work, exercising without any restraint, and sleeping on any side. Your implants will also be fully settled around this time, and you should be able to see what the final result looks like.

Tips to Speed up Recovery after Augmentation Breast Surgery

  1. Follow instructions – this may sound like an obvious tip but it’s all the same very important. Your surgeon knows exactly what you need to do in order to recover fast and naturally. Making sure you follow these instructions is the first step to faster recovery.
  2. Eat right for recovery – how you eat after breast augmentation surgery can have a direct impact on the recovery process. Make sure you include lean protein, Vitamin C, B12, Fiber and probiotics, and Iron in your diet to help in the body’s recovery process.
  3. Honor follow-up appointments – follow through with scheduled appointments, even if you already feel great. Your surgeon uses post-op appointments to gauge your recovery process and watch out for any signs of complications or impediments to proper healing and recovery.
  4. Get moving – your doctor will let you know that you should keep moving (carefully) as soon as you’re able to work. This helps prevent blood clots and fosters bowel movements. A short work every 45-60 minutes is all you need to put these complications at bay.

Every patient’s case is different, and your surgeon will provide recovery instructions based on what your body needs. In any case, it’s also good to quit smoking while recovering from breast augmentation surgery.